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Vi hjälper dig med informationshanteringen i din organisation. Ny teknik med nya möjligheter: skräddarsydd it för små och medelstora organisationer. Glöm krav på egen it-avdelning.

In English: About Soderstrom

Welcome to Soderstrom, a place where problems are solved. We do

  • Software development
  • Systems integration
  • Technology assessments

Read more in the business page. Just say Soderstrom. Try it, it’s easy.

About the Blog

The blog is mostly techie stuff about systems development. The Foundation category contains longer chunks, supposedly of lasting value. The Groovy lessons category is geek-level stuff about the Groovy programming language and the Grails rapid development framework.

The blog contains streaks of Korean and Japanese IT and telecom subjects, with a bias for Korea. Why Korea? Because it’s so vigorous, and yet largely unknown, at least in Sweden. Knowledge is precious, ignorance also has its price.

About Sweden

Sweden is a country with lots of space and clean air. It’s not difficult to find a restful and silent spot, if you are so inclined. The landscape varies a great deal when you go from the level south to the mountainous north. There is a long and winding coastline.

Stockholm in summertime is so pretty. The midnight sun is not visible here, but in early summer it never gets seriously dark. Wintertime, oh well, that’s a different story.