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Groovy: Regular Expressions At Work

After a previous post, covering the basics, we’ll go on with another geek-level look at regular expressions in Groovy. This time we will examine groups. Groups is about parsing, how to pick up parts of what a regular expression matches. We will also uncover a few more gotchas. Continue »

Groovy: Regular Expressions Basics

The Groovy programming language simplifies many common tasks, including regular expressions. This post shows common uses made easy by Groovy. However, regular expressions in Groovy are not free from irregularities. This geek level post will explain one of them. Continue »

Office Documents the Groovy Way

Is there anything groovy about office documents? How about getting document properties out of all kinds of MS Office documents without running an Office application? Add platform independence as a bonus. Did you say impossible?
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PDF the Groovy Way

Because of the strong ties between Java and Groovy, Groovy benefits from an enormous amount of Java utilities. This time we will take a brief look at what you can do with PDF documents. Continue »

The GroovyScriptEngine

The Groovy lessons reflect my first steps into Groovy territory. Groovy is a programming language that builds on Java and is quite seamlessly integrated with Java.

After learning to run simple stuff in the GroovyShell you naturally want to proceed to something resembling an application. Run it conveniently using the GroovyScriptEngine. Enter the following lines in a GroovyShell:
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