Archive: August, 2010

2010 U-City World Forum

The Korean Ubiquitous City Association is organizing a first U-City World Forum this year, calling for international participation.

A U-city is a city where you want to live, by definition. South Korea has seen an astounding rate of urbanization. A large part of the country’s population lives in Seoul, a megacity. No wonder building attractive and sustainable cities is a hot topic in Korea. Large-scale projects are underway to take principles to practice.
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Low Level File Information For Java

This post is good news for some Java programmers. Once in a while you wish you knew a bit more about the files you access from Java. The class offers only a bare minimum of visibility.

If you are wrestling with this problem, and if you are on a Linux/Unix platform, download the filestat package from this website and get going. This post introduces the package briefly.
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