Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Just a Cup of Java

After writing some Java code for validating certificate-based digital signatures I go into daydream mood. Only for geeks, with apologies.

The deeper you go into X.509 certificate stuff, the longer the exception names. To say nothing about the sheer number of them. There is just one narrow path for things to go right, but so many ways things may go wrong.

I begin tripping out on what a plain coffee break could mean. There is the dreaded CoffeeSpillException. Some of its notable subclasses: Getting a CoffeeCarelesslyServedException can be quite frustrating, seeing precious coffee being lost. That’s nothing compared to FriendlyButUnfortunateSlapOnBackException that may necessitate a change of clothes. Back in the shadows looms the rare but disastrous RedfacedBossTurnsUpAtCoffeeBreakException. Those of us who have experienced it know that the coffee spill involved is a very minor aspect of handling the exception. It may even lead up to a System.exit(1).

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