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We offer software development expertise and experience. We may add technical lead and design expertise, or implementation skill to your project.

We also do technology assessments.

Håkan Söderström is the one who started this over 25 years ago. Since a number of years the Soderstrom consultancy is essentially a one-man band. So Håkan, please introduce yourself to the crowd.

Håkan Söderström

Thanks for the opportunity. Very briefly, my focus is: System architecture and design, databases, the Java ecosystem, Unix (and Linux). I have a M.Sc. from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.Håkan S.

Since a number of years I do most things in Groovy/Grails rather than plain Java. A recent application area is digital signatures.

I also do tech writing in Swedish or (usually) English.

Swedish is my native language. My second language is English, fluent in speech and professional writing. Basic command of French and German. The last few years I have learnt a bit of Korean, and also a little Japanese.

Please contact me for a CV.