Archive: March, 2010

“IT Convergence” in Korea

English is a high-profile language in Korea and Japan. As in many other languages of the world, there is an influx of English loanwords. Koreans and the Japanese have a habit of cutting out anything that seems non-essential. In both languages apartment has ended up as apatu, super market became supa. This blog has reported on ubiquitous. And then there is convergence. Check out a few slide shows from Korean IT policy makers and you will certainly stumble across IT convergence. It’s the next big trend. But what does it mean?
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Seriously Ubiquitous

This blog has featured a few posts and reports about “ubiquitous”, the way this word is used in Japanese and Korean information technology. Submitting these ideas to a reality test was tempting, so I decided to write up a paper for a Korean IT conference. The paper was accepted even though the conference is mainly technical.
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