Monday, March 17th, 2008

U-Korea, U-Japan, U-Fever

The newcomer to Korean or Japanese information and telecom technology will immediately notice the u-words. They are sprinkled all over presentations, descriptions, and reports. There is u-Korea, u-Japan to begin with. Other than that almost every aspect of life seems to have its u-version: u-city, u-home, u-tourism, u-business, u-government, to name a few.

Here is our report, a kind of linguistic introduction to this hot topic: U-Korea, U-Japan, U-Fever

You may think you know about ubiquitous computing. Find out how Korea and Japan have added a visionary touch and lots of energy to the concept. These countries are now re-exporting their u-vocabulary to baffled Westerners.


2 Comments on “U-Korea, U-Japan, U-Fever”

  1. Hung

    I would like more document about U-Japan, U-Korea

  2. Håkan

    I’ll add a post with useful links.